NorCal Referees



Type of Incident:Game Protest/Forfeit
Match Number:10638
Date of Incident:2023-05-13
Time of Incident:18:00:00
Location of Incident:Macnamara Park, Merced, California
Competition:2023 Spring League
Home Team:Albion SC Merced 06/07
Visiting Team:Merced United 06B Red
Age Group and Gender:U17B
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:Albion SC Merced 06/07
Incident Summary:Allegation that Albion Merced played 2 suspended players in a match.
Comments:Merced has admitted that the players were suspended with another team and allowed to play. Suspended players are not allowed to play for any team until their suspension is cleared. The NorCal Handbook is clear on this.
Albion is fined $500 for playing 2 suspended players.
The game is 3-0 forfeit for Merced United.
The coach of the Albion team, Sebastian Castellanos, is suspended from coaching in any NorCal competition through January 1, 2024.
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