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Type of Incident:Other — Do not use if a team, player, coach, or spectator is involved. Use only if the incident cannot be classified as any other Type of Incident above.
Match Number:13166
Date of Incident:2024-05-19
Time of Incident:12:35:00
Location of Incident:Fresno
Competition:2024 Spring League
Home Team:Fresno Heat
Visiting Team:RIPMC FC
Age Group and Gender:U19B
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:RIPMC FC
Incident Summary:A RIPMC spectator was ejected for verbally abusing the referee. After the match, the same spectator again verbally assaulted the referee.
Comments:The coach of the RIPMC team, Hugo Hernandez, is suspended 3 games for failing to control his team's spectators - 2 for the spectator being ejected and 1 for the spectator making an additional comment to the referee after the game. If the coach does not coach this team next season, he is to serve the suspension with the oldest team he coaches next season.