NorCal Referees



Important Next Steps

  • It is the team's and/or Club's responsibility to ensure their red carded Player/Coach serves the minimum 1-game suspension. It is also their responsibility to ensure that their Player/Coach serves any additional suspension determined by the NorCal PAD Committee. Please consult the PAD Disciplinary Matrix for the range of suspensions for various offenses.
  • The team manager or Coach of the suspended individual must download, print, and bring a copy of the Verification of Suspension Served form with them to each match. Use one form per match suspended. The Referee and the Coaches from both teams must complete and sign their respective sections of the form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Scan or take a legible picture of the completed forms, and email them in a timely manner to Forms should be sent no later than 8pm on Thursday for the Player or Coach to be cleared to play/coach for the upcoming weekend. No forms will be reviewed the day of a game and no players will be cleared the day of a game. For multiple game suspensions, all forms should be sent at one time (rather than after each game is served).
  • Suspensions for both Players and Coaches shall be served immediately in upcoming NorCal games, regardless of the NorCal competition. The Player/Coach shall serve the suspension with the team with whom the violation occurred. Suspended Players/Coaches do not need to be present at games used to serve a suspension.
  • Tournament games are sanctioned by US Club Soccer and cannot be used to serve suspensions. Forfeits do not count toward suspensions being served.
  • Players may not compete for another team in their Club in NorCal competitions until their suspension is served in full.
    NOTE: Suspended Players are permitted to play in tournaments while serving their suspension with NorCal, as their suspension applies only to NorCal competitions. If a tournament is using GotSport, the Player may be crossed out on tournament rosters. Please show this message to the tournament organizer to enable the Player to participate. If there are any questions, please contact PAD Committee Administrator Cory Mason (
  • Coaches may coach another team in their Club during their suspension but must serve their suspension in full with the team with whom the violation occurred, only if the suspension is a fixed amount of games (as opposed to a period of time.)
    NOTE: Suspended Coaches will be crossed out on GotSport rosters for all teams. They are still permitted to coach other teams in their Club in NorCal competitions while serving a suspension with one team. Until this roster issue is resolved, please show this message to opponents and Referees when coaching teams other than the team with whom the Coach is suspended. If there are any questions, please contact PAD Committee Administrator Cory Mason (
  • Make sure that all suspensions are served. The only exception is that a suspension may be postponed – at the discretion of the NorCal League Office – if it would prevent the player from playing in College Showcase Events.
  • If a Player has a redline through their name, the Player may not play. Verification of Suspension Served forms may not be shown to Referees or opposing Coaches at the field in an attempt to qualify a player with a redline through his or her game. If a Player with a redline through his or her name plays in the game, the game will be declared a 3-0 forfeit in favor of the opposing team and the Coach playing the Player with the redline through his or her name will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games.
Match InformationSuspension ID: 307
Competition Name: 2011_SOR_FALL_
Match Number: 8529
Age Group and Gender: U13G
Match Date: 2011-11-12
Sent Off Individual's InformationIndividual's Role: Coach
Individual's Registration ID #: ***00000
Player's Jersey #*: 0
Individual's Team's Name: Cap FC United 99G
Individual's Team's Club Name: Cap FC
Send Off Reason: Coach Dismissed for Irresponsible Behavior
Administration InformationNumber of Games Suspended: 8
Comments: Inappropriate Conduct - Not Controlling Parents and using Racial Remark toward a referee
Timestamp of PAD Decision: 1000-01-01 00:00:00